• bobbymileage


Bobby has been dancing since he can remember, but professionally for about 20yrs now. He graduated form the University of New Haven in 1995 with a degree in Business Administration. After college he continued to dance in the New York club scene and created a name for himself. In 1997 he got his first job dancing for Will Smith in the Men in Black video. From that point his dance career took off. Today “Mileage” has a long list of people that he has danced for: Will Smith, Mariah Carey, and Missy Elliot, just to name a few. Not only has he danced on world tour for artist like Mariah, but he has also traveled the world teaching and choreographing for foreign artists as well and helping to spread the hip hop dance culture. Mileage choreographed a Pepsi commercial and music video for the winner of the voice China in April and a group called Fierce from London.  Also artist Edison Chen from Hong Kong. He has taught workshops all over the world for the past 20yrs now. He has taught hip and house dancing Hong Kong, London, Korea, Japan, Switzerland ,China, and Brasil just to name a few!! His innovative styles of dance have often lead him to not only teach, but also to judge dance competitions all over the world. Through all his travels and working in videos, Bobby Mileage feels that he has become a very accomplished dancer. Now as part of Elite Force he has the opportunity to advance creatively. Today Bobby”Mileage” has worked with some of the best in the industry. Earning him global recognition and an undeniable reputation for his ability to bring new styles to the dance floor.