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Heat Rock

Ivan “Heat Rock” Cofield was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He taught himself how to dance trough movies and music videos at the age of twelve. As a teenager he participated in school talent shows and local dance competitions. Upon graduation he then journeyed to Boston, MA and attended Wentworth Institute of Technology later to finish at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. While attending college in Massachusetts Ivan became aquatinted with and later joining The Floorlords Crew. With the FloorLords he learned the true culture of HipHop and dance. During his time with the FloorLords he has performed and competed throughout the world. Heat Rock has preformed for companies such as MTV, Newbury Comics, and also opened up for Fresh Fest with Slick Rick, Duggie Fresh and Naughty By Nature. He later left the FloorLords in 2010 to extend his knowledge of dance. In 2011 He was one of the founding members of Del Fuego Wolfpack. With his new group he has traveled the world teaching and competing. He now resides in New York to pursue a life as an artist and dancer.



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