• javierninja

Javier Ninja

Javier Madrid also known as ‘Javier Ninja’ is a name becoming well known worldwide. At a very young age Javier always dreamed of becoming a famous dancer which is known to be true today. With the many different styles of dancing Javier has learned and integrated, he has managed to develop a unique style of his own. Javier has the ability to contort his body in many different ways unimaginable and leaves the audience in awe craving to see more. Although; it may appear that his unique style of dancing is an easy task to accomplish; I can assure you, that is untrue.  As the “VOGUE Champion of the Year” for 3 consecutive years for the infamous “House Dance International” competition, Javier has expanded his horizons nationally and internationally including a performance at the 2010 world competition “Juste DeBout” in Paris and televise live performance at the 2012 Super Bowl with the “Queen” of  Pop Madonna.



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