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Kunle Oladehin, aka Katalyst, began dancing at the age of sixteen. Not having any outlet for dance in his hometown of Memphis, TN, he could only mimic dances he saw in music videos and movies. Leaving Memphis to attend college in Boston, he was soon exposed to a much larger dance scene.  When he wasn’t in class studying, he would be in the studio or out on the street learning as much as he could from some of Boston’s legends, Megatron and Shallow. He soon found a passion for the art of freestyle dance with an emphasis on popping.  While he was in Boston he danced and choreographed for Slaughterhouse, Static Noyze, and Side Project in addition to many solo projects. Over the years, he’s been blessed with the chance to share his dance both in the US and abroad. And in 2010 he was brought on as a choreographer for the Dance Central Series.  He currently resides in New York where he continues to train, teach, and share.



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