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Nubian Nene

Nubian Nene, also known as Essence, was born and raised in Montreal, and has become a renowned urban dancer who is known for her Waacking and House styles. She has taught in Vienna and New York City for the Ladies of Hip Hop Festival, in Philadelphia for the Illadelph Festival and Funky Fundamentals Festival, in Los Angeles for the International Waacking Festival, in Madrid, Lausanne, Geneva, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Barcelona, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. In 2007, she joins the Blue Print For Life organization, which spreads the knowledge and ideologies of Hip Hop culture to the Inuits youth of Canada.  In 2011, Nubian Nene has performed with Jody Watley and Tyrone Proctor at the Gramercy Theater, at Summer Stage with Cecilia Marta  Dance Company and in the ‘Hip Hop Kung Fu’ production by Emilio ‘Buddha Stretch’ Austin Jr. at the Asian Society.   She was featured as a waacker on a news segment on FOX news “Good Day New York” celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Soul Train TV show. Most recently, she has performed in Hollywood and New York City at the 2013 Fringe Festival with KINEMATIK Dance Theater, and presented her work as a choreographer at the Ladies of Hip Hop Festival.  In 2014, she has traveled to Houston, TX to compete in a House dance competition, which she wins.  She is part of the Ladies of Hip Hop organization where she will host the Ladies Battle.  She just recently was featured in Jose James’ video ‘Every Little Thing’ and Michelle Williams ‘Say Yes’ video which features Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.  Her driving force is the inspiration that her dancing provides others, and she in return gets inspired.



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