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Regg Roc

Reggie ‘Regg Roc” Gray was born in East New York Brooklyn. Regg began his journey in dance at the age of three, he was inspired by the legendary king of pop Michael Jackson. After seeing videos such as thriller, bad, and smooth criminal there was no stopping this young aspiring dancer to one day become an artist himself. In his younger years Regg was more into his schooling and sports, dancing wasn’t a factor growing up down south in Anniston, Alabama. Due to financial problems his mother and two siblings were forced to move back to Brooklyn, not knowing what was in store for him and marking the beginning of his career. Introduced to reggae music by his family Reggie took an instinctual liking to it. The first time he seen dancing to reggae music was at his first block party as a young teen. He then immediately wanted to learn this dance style, which was called Dancehall/Brukup. After learning this dance style he came to meet life long friends that also had a passion for the dance and formed an elite dance team called HYPERACTIVE.

The dance team gained local popularity by dancing in their high school, talent shows and battling other dancers from different high schools throughout Brooklyn. They later discovered a public television show called Flex N Brooklyn. This is where Reggie and his dance team HyperActive made history becoming an unbeatable group. After there third show they were known as innovators. What made Reggie and his crew so different was there approach of their performance, each dancer had different styles that they developed during this age of the Brukup to be standout. Gaining inspiration from movies such as The Matrix karate flicks and cartoons. Reggie and his group were on their way to greatness. Then a time came where Regg no longer wanted to be in the shadow of just one of his team members so he ventured of looking to set a standard and define himself. He was introduced to a newer style by the inspiration of a family member and was determined to be a master at it. Watching old video of himself Regg would press play/pause on the VCR and the video started to glitch creating his own style. This style he started developing he called Pauzing and spread like wild fire through out FLEX N BROOKLYN, which lead him to taking the title of best dancer of the Year two years straight and earning the title of a pioneer/OG of FLEXIN.

Today Regg stands proud in his accomplishments with Flexin such as bringing the whole community together. He is now founder of a dance competition called D.R.E.A.M (Dance Rules Everything Around Me). Where dance teams battle it out to be the best and go on to discover many other dance possibilities through dreams developing platform. Regg and his team have won “wild out weds” twice, features in music video such as Sean Paul “like Glue “, Wayne Wonder, Elephant man, Nikki Minaj “massive attack’ and many more. They also danced on Americas Best Dance Crew season 3 under the name Ringmasters. Since then he has traveling across the world to Japan, China, Russia, Italy, Paris and more spreading the knowledge of flexin. Regg has appeared in several commercials, danced on talk shows like Jerry Springer and Dr. Oz. As Regg Roc stated, dancers as a whole must start to realize that we are a lot more importance then we think we are creators and innovators. We must keep this legacy going and become pioneers .My goal is to put dancing in the forefront and not dance behind the celebrity, but be the celebrity.


BELONG  : Ringmasters


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