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“Born and raised as a “New Yorker”, the idea of dance was something SamO randomly stumbled upon. Gradually falling into dance through life experiences, it just felt like a natural talent. First starting off as a B-Boy, he then branched off to other styles; such as House and Hip-Hop, including choreography.
Most envision B-Boying as dynamics and high flying moves, but what makes him stand out is his burst of energy and high level of confidence while on the dance floor. Being somewhat of an outcast, what took so many years of dedication to develop has finally paid off. With SamO’s performance, his bold dance style always leaves a refreshing statement.
In the course of 13 years, he’s been in music videos, commercials, and live performances. He’s also won numerous major international dance competitions and will also be featured in the upcoming blockbuster film “BATTLE OF THE YEAR 3D”, starring Josh Holloway and Chris Brown. Currently representing super B-Boy crew “X-Fenz”, SamO is now traveling the world displaying his talent and inspiring others through competitions; workshops; and shows. Although much has been accomplished, he still has a long career ahead of him.”


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