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From a very young age Tatiana has been interested in Hip-hop dance and culture. In her teenage years she began her dance journey with a dance group, South Angels, with which she was able to have her first stage experiences in Geneva. In order to further develop her dance, she decided to travel more, to New York in particular, and take part in several given by dancers such as Brian Green, Ejoe Wilson & Link of Elite Force and the Electric Boogaloo’s. She has had the opportunity to participate in and win several competitions in Switzerland and abroad. She has been sough out to give workshops and judge competitions in Switzerland and overseas. Having taught since 2005, she has had the opportunity to work as a hip- hop dance teacher in two Swiss contemporary dance companies “L’Estuaire” and “Alias”. Tatiana has been very involved in the growth and development of the Swiss hip-hop scene. With Loic Dinga, she opened her own dance school “Le Centre Hip-Hop” where she also teaches. She is a member of the JAIA association with which she organizes dance camps, the JAIA Battle and House dance sessions. Tatiana continues to develop and grow in her dance. Amongst others, she specializes in Hip-Hop and House Dance.



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